Collaborative District Leadership
in the Digital Age

Bringing Together District Curriculum, Instruction and Technology to Adequately Prepare Students for Successful Careers in the Digital Age

The dawn of the 21st Century brought new learning opportunities to students unlike any other era. As access to technology and information increased in schools, academic leaders began realizing the impact technology could have on student engagement in the classroom. In school districts, the Technology Department and Academics Department often speak different languages, creating silos. This compartmentalization is a major hurdle when it comes to pulling off large-scale initiatives, and the effects of those silos are often felt in the classroom.

The rapid rise of technology brought new security and safety concerns for students, and a host of other issues. Academics and Technology must work closely together to balance the need to keep students and networks safe in a technology-rich environment, while also providing a productive educational experience. This is a challenge that many districts are still struggling to overcome and striking that balance is often difficult. Large scale initiatives like Bring Your Own Technology and Personalized Learning can benefit teachers and students but also complicate the responsibilities of schools and districts. The success of these initiatives largely depends on how district departments can effectively collaborate to accomplish the goals of the initiatives.

Our Commitment to You

The RTM K-12 Education Congress connects not only individual district leaders from across the country, but entire district leadership teams. Technology today is so intertwined in all aspects of our lives that it is no longer feasible for the Academics department to leave the “technology” to the Technology department. Neither should the Technology department pursue initiatives without considering the instructional benefits and strategies. For true success, both departments must work together and communicate to create and realize the vision of student engagement in the classroom.

The opportunity to engage with other large and innovative districts across the country and learn how they are tackling digital age challenges in the classroom, is an invaluable experience for executive level district leaders that are responsible for moving their districts forward. In order to truly transform the classroom for our digital natives, district leaders must collaborate at a high level to design and implement the experiences and opportunities our students deserve. Educational challenges may only be overcome if the Academics and Technology Departments collaborate strategically at the level required to successfully design the experiences our students deserve.

In the very busy lives of district leaders, it is difficult to find the time and the environment to collaborate with each other, let alone with other innovative leaders around the country. The goal of the RTM K-12 Education Congress is to design an experience for district leaders to be able to collaborate on innovative learning opportunities for students in order to truly prepare them for success in the digital era.

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